Fall 2021: Westside Neighborhood – English Avenue: The Power of Place and Social Production / Redesigning the Equitable Home

Instructor: Julie Ju-Youn Kim AIA NCARB
Collaborators: The Beloved Community; Invest Atlanta; Westside Future Fund
Studio Sponsor: HDR Architecture

Building on the field study work from the summer, this studio offers the challenge for the architects to establish a proactive role in engagement with community stakeholders. 

Studio provocations: Can we imagine a role for the architect where the act of design is an entrepreneurial and innovative endeavor – for those who are underserved and/or under-resourced? How can we be creative in imagining new models of dwelling with shared community services? What does a prototype for affordable living units (single-family, multi-family) that flexibly responds to the changing demographic of non-family households look like? What is the minimum footprint for such a housing unit? How has technology allowed for new and/or radical thinking in these areas?

FC2: Case Study Manual