Our Story


A combination of design, technology, research, and entrepreneurship, Flourishing Communities Collaborative (FC2) is a replicable curricular model that builds relationships between students, faculty, practitioners, and the community in applied design thinking and problem solving for under-served communities.  

Flourishing Communities Collaborative (FC2) empowers the community with tools aimed at investment of local expertise, amplifying impact for underserved community members, and offering a framework for smart, sustainable development. FC2 is committed to advancing public interest to support, specifically, members of society who have been historically excluded from such benefits. By offering experiential learning opportunities through coursework with the support of dedicated and committed community partners, FC2 has built and sustained partnerships with nonprofit and affinity group partners. FC2 sharpens the real-world application of Public Interest Technology to center community voice in pursuit of solutions for pressing problems, particularly challenges experienced by marginalized communities least well served by existing systems and policies.  

FC2 integrates student involvement in real projects; community outreach; service to disadvantaged communities; multidisciplinary involvement focused on collaboration; and sustainability in design and construction. Since 2017, over 140 students have been impacted with direct involvement with FC2