Mobile Lab Community Questionnaire

FC2 – Sustainable Mobile Lab – Questionnaire
This questionnaire has 16 questions which is built to understand your needs as a resident in the community. It will help us develop a program for a mobile lab in the English Avenue neighborhood.

All responses will remain anonymous and will not be tied to a specific individual. Respondents are not required to answer all questions – however, the information gathered here will help this specific project. Data gathered from this questionnaire will not be published or shared externally.

1. How old are you?
2. Who are you living with?
3. Why do you live in the English Avenue neighborhood? (You may select multiple)
4. Do you have friends in the neighborhood?
5. How far do you feel safe to walk from where you currently live?
6. Can you perform simple DIY home repairs by yourself?
7. Do you have help to perform DIY home repairs?
8. Would you like to learn how to DIY a construction project?
9. How do you feel about socializing with other people in the neighborhood?
10. Would you like a community gardening space in your neighborhood?
11. Would you like a community gathering space in your neighborhood?
12. What kind of space would you prefer for the gathering space?
13. What resources do you need from the gathering space? (You may select multiple)
14. At what time during the day would you hang out at the gathering space?
15. Would you like to participate in the construction of the gathering space in your neighborhood?

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