746 Jett Street

Spring-Summer 2022: 746 Jett Street Residences

This project emerged from a year-long set of courses, directed by Julie Ju-Youn Kim. Students employed design research methods including site analysis, schematic design, and performance simulation to empower a current resident with a new affordable home aimed at redefining resiliency and economic sustainability.

Impact: Turning theory into practice, this project brings the students’ work into a real-world application. A team of recent graduates, supported by practitioners offering technical expertise, are currently developing a set of documents for permit and construction. This proposal establishes a replicable model for future development and construction of affordable housing, designed to meet building performance criteria, thereby lessening energy burdens on thousands of future homeowners.


Project Team:

  • Julie Ju-Youn Kim, AIA, NCARB
  • Tarek Rakha, PhD
  • Katie Reilly, Project Designer, Manager
  • Breanna Rhoden, Project Designer
  • Surabhi Maheshwari, Project Designer
  • Ranjitha Jayasimharao, Building Performance Analyst

Professional Consultants:

  • Michael Street, HDR Architecture
  • Robby Bryant, HDR Architecture
  • Jessica Flake, Studio SOGO


  • Westside Future Fund


  • OaksATL

This project is made possible with the generous support of New Venture Fund/Public Interest Technology-University Network, Georgia Tech College of Design and the School of Architecture.