Our work is developed in collaboration amongst faculty, professionals, and students that strive better serve the community. FC2 is committed to problem-solving through social outreach to find innovative solutions for underserved communities.

Spring 2023
Sustainable Mobile Learning Lab
Fall 2022
MAX(imum)/MIN(inum) – The Power of Placemaking

Fall 2022-Spring 2023
Thomasville Heights- Building
Strategies for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Spring-Summer 2022
746 Jett Street Residences

Summer 2022
Smart Old Home

Fall 2021
The Power of Place and Social Production /
Redesigning the Equitable Home

Fall 2020
Clarkston Community Health Center

Summer 2021
Westside Neighborhood-English Avenue

Fall 2019
Open Doors: Re-Imaging the Future

Spring 2019
Social Resilience: Community Center /
Post-Disaster Neighborhood Support

Spring 2018
Better Living Together- Affordable and
Inclusive Housing

Spring 2016
Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter