Our work is developed in collaboration amongst faculty, professionals, and students that strive better serve the community. FC2 is committed to problem-solving through social outreach to find innovative solutions for underserved communities.

Spring 2023
HIVE: Housing Innovation – a Vehicle for Education
Links to MAX/MIN project page
Fall 2022
MAX(imum)/MIN(inum) – The Power of Placemaking

Links to Thomasville Heights project page
Fall 2022-Spring 2023
Thomasville Heights- Building
Strategies for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Links to 746 Jett Street project pages
Spring-Summer 2022
746 Jett Street Residences

Links to Smart Old Home resource
Summer 2022
Smart Old Home

Links to The Power of Place and Social Production project page
Fall 2021
The Power of Place and Social Production /
Redesigning the Equitable Home

Links to Clarkston Community Health Center project page
Fall 2020
Clarkston Community Health Center

Links to Westside Neighborhood-English Avenue project page
Summer 2021
Westside Neighborhood-English Avenue

Links to Open Doors: Re-Imaging the Future project page
Fall 2019
Open Doors: Re-Imaging the Future

Links to Social Resilience: Community Center project page
Spring 2019
Social Resilience: Community Center /
Post-Disaster Neighborhood Support

Links to Better Living Together project page
Spring 2018
Better Living Together- Affordable and
Inclusive Housing

Links to Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter project page
Spring 2016
Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter